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Another fantastic piece from zenibyfajnie! You’re really making all the use of your new hair color and style that you possibly can, and I applaud that (loudly). You’re taking full advantage of the uniqueness, sexiness and pop appeal of your current hair, and you seem to be exploring all the different things you can do with it. Your lip color pairs so perfectly with your hair color, and the saturation gives us a fantastic technicolor, slightly retro, high fashion vibe. On the flip side, everything else is toned down, very neutral and soft, so the two places you’ve chosen to add color pop like crazy, to the point where your lips and hair almost look like they’re vibrating, they’re so vibrant. The smoothness of your lighting creates the most perfect, delicate shadows and furthers the neutrality of the rest of the space.

However, the photograph on the right is far better than the one on the left, and I find myself wishing that the one on the right where displayed alone. It’s so much cleaner; the lines of your body in this subtle-yet-strange pose are so perfect, flowing and seamless. The balance of neutral colors to vibrant colors is better in the close up. In the full body, I’m taken out of the “tragically hip, sexy, other-worldly rocker” mood because of the coffeehouse-looking chair; it doesn’t fit the mood you achieved through your modeling, pose, and color choices. The photograph on the left shows extraneous details, like the chair and your black shoes and pants, that seem to take away from the delicious simplicity of your lighting, color choices, pose, expression and overall concept.

In short, I’m blown away by the photo on the right, and the impact is somewhat taken away by the photo on the left. Once again your vision, concept, technique and modeling are envy-inducing in their quality, and I for one am incredibly inspired by your lighting, clean lines, and eye for color.
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zenibyfajnie Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you for this exhausting comment : ) I appreciate that. Kisses : *
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