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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 19, 2010, 8:48 PM

Finally the semester is over! Everyone I talked to all semester agreed--it was just a nasty semester all around. I dunno what it was. Something in the air? Something in the water? Nastiness, either way. BUT! It's over! Hurrah! I did a big series for my Photo II final, which will be posted ASAP; most likely not until after Christmas, what with the holidays etc. Lots of editing to catch up on from the semester :P

:bulletpink: In other news, through much coercion and peer pressure, I'm now on Twitter. Follow me, dawgs!

:bulletpink: Also, I updated my website recently, check it out... :woohoo:

Also, saw TRON the other night....I think it's amazing. I know a lot of people are saying they thought it was visually cool but otherwise kind of mediocre...I can agree that the plot is really not that interesting, but I don't care. At all. To me, this movie is a moving image. The plot is in the back seat, it exists only to keep the image moving. But I think this movie's visual aesthetic is so's certainly the best 3D movie I've ever seen.

I remember when they really first started to market 3D movies, and they had these corny commercials with audience members sitting in the theater, being altogether overzealous about the 3D experience, and the commercials would always tell us that we'll feel like we're "in the film", which I don't think most of us ever really feel while watching a 3D movie. But Tron is different. I really do feel like I'm in there. I could have watched that movie for hours and hours. It made me think of the first movie, and how they say that when the train on screen came rushing toward the audience, everyone screamed and got up and ran, thinking the train was really going to hit them. What an entirely new, indescribable visual experience those people had; they had never seen anything quite like a film before. I felt that way watching Tron; of course 95% of the movie takes place in this fictional surrounding, a digital world the likes of which none of us have ever experienced. So what shocked me was how very real it felt to me.

I love films like this--films that are so beautiful that the plot is secondary, and really its just like a photograph that keeps moving and changing with music for two hours. Of course with Tron there has been a ton of buzz about Daft Punk's soundtrack, which is perfectly suited to the visual aesthetic of the whole movie and just adds to the beauty and the drama and the encompassing experience. So many things about this movie excited me; it has a lot to do with the artistic collective consciousness, the high style of this movie, where everything is mostly black, white, orange, blue and red, and everything is shiny, bright and smooth (including the music). This aesthetic has been heavily appealing to me for at least the last year, so I'm really happy to see a whole movie that sort of takes that and runs with it. I was also just really excited about the way they styled Beau Garrett's hair and makeup, since it's exactly the way I want to look every day all the time ~_^

Aaaanyway. :iconklaussi:, who's work I adore, did this AMAZING stencil painting of one of my photos from YOUNG SUPERNOVA:

SCREAAAMMMM by klaussi

Can't get over how cool!! :la:

:bulletpink: And now, my recent faves... :bulletpink:

Simon by ChristineAmat

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kuuba by kieubaska Bend by VictoriaVeins Michelle 01 by ferrarixx Urban Fairy by hakanphotography :thumb168156055: :red: by 8o-clock :thumb173867823: 85 by SlevinAaron -0084 - kiss by SlevinAaron -0020 - confessions of a slaa by SlevinAaron :thumb183718052: :thumb186518449: :thumb186823801: Metal by ulorinvex ceremony by my2candy :thumb187932289: Gift by IMustBeDead 11 by Poirio City Lights by Afterborn :thumb96173394: Antlers by turningpage Monsters in love II by Alyz have a naughty xmas by inessa-emilia 546790 by aleksandra88 Bottomless by lepersabstain night love by JuicyCinnamon

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Three Steps Beyond by miss-mosh
Bigfoot by theonlymagicleftisar No way by colthsivers Rest by aR-Ka :thumb188603776: Frankfort Sunset by shagmasterzero

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Servitude by VivianDeMilo
jump by mollymelone Mr Gable by porsylin

Yeah...I went on a :iconmiss-mosh: binge ^^;

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